Women's Day Makeup : 5 Lipstick Shades for Power Women

Women's Day Makeup : 5 Lipstick Shades for Power Women

Hey boo,

Happy women's day :) In our busy schedule, self-care and makeup take a backseat in everyday life and we just apply our lipsticks and get on with the day.  Lipsticks are that one multipurpose product which serves as a blush or as an eyeshadow and tie up our whole makeup look together. So, for Women's Day 2023, we are here to share the top power lipstick shades that will make you feel empowered for your women's day special makeup and in your day-to-day life as women and makeup goes hand-in hand.

This is our BLURstick, “Put ME on your lips, not your lying ex” in shade RED


Red lipstick is the one shade that can make your everyday makeup, a glam look! The Bold red lipstick have been known to make women feel empowered, the multiple shades of red give variety to this universal lipstick. It's women's day after all!



This is our BLURstick, “I'm sorry, are you VODKA?” in shade NUDE PINK

Women's Day makeup routine is incomplete without Pink Lipstick - the soft yet glam shade out there and with the introduction of the nude shade in the industry, NUDE PINK has become everyone’s favourite shade. One can use our rosy nude lipstick as a blush too, just dab the lipstick on your cheekbones and blend it upwards and you’re good to go. 




This is our BLURstick, “Reminder: Adopt, don’t shop!” in shade PLUM 

Plum Lipsticks are THE lipstick for makeup hacks, the colour is so deep that it will give you the boldest lips and as you dab this on your eyelids and cheekbones, it will give you a natural makeup look. Plum Power make this women's day special with this distinct shade!




This is our GLOSS, “Dude don’t touch my gloss!” in shade SOFT BROWN

Glosses are the trendiest makeup product right now. The 90’s shiny pucker lips are back in fashion and everyone loves a warm shade of brown that can give them a no-makeup look. The gloss can also be used as a cheek tint to give you highlighted cheeks and a no-makeup makeup look.




This is our GLOSS, “Dude don’t touch my gloss!” in shade LIPGLASS

Sheer gloss is one product one must have, whatever shade of colour you wear you can just put your gloss on to add shine to your look. If you feel your makeup is lacking something, it's THIS lip gloss. This is the best makeup hack out there, glosses will never let you down. This can be a great addition to women's day makeup!!!

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