Q- What ingredients are used in the makeup?

Blur India cosmetics use natural ingredients such as castor and jojoba oil, vitamin E, cocoa and shea butter, kaolin clay, glycerin. To see complete ingredients list please visit the ingredients page.

Q- Is the lipstick long-lasting?
Our lipsticks are velvet matte formulas that last on your lips all day. You will not need to reapply lipstick for another 5-6 hours. The formula is long stay and hydrating for your lips!

Q Are all the ingredients used Vegan?
Yes, Blur India produces vegan cosmetics. 

Q- Do you test on animals?

Blur India has always been completely cruelty free. We have never, and will never test cosmetics on animals.

Q- How can I track my order?
Go to the 'track order' option in the main menu and enter your order details. If you have not received an email with your order details, please mail us at contact@blurindia.com and we will provide you with your tracking link.

Q -How many days does delivery take?
Delivery normally takes 5-6 working days.

Q- How can I cancel my order?
Please mail all your order related queries to contact@blurindia.com and we will revert back to you. You will also get an option to cancel your order in the order confirmation mail.

Q- Is there an expiry date?
These products perform best up to 24 months from the date of Manufacture. Expiry date of all products are mentioned on their packaging.

Q-What are the benefits of your affiliate program?

We treat our affiliates like family. We make sure the best performing ones get gifts from us on a weekly basis. We also offer better commission % offers to dedicated affiliates. Join our affiliate program and become a member of one of the fastest growing cosmetics brand in India!

Q- Where are your products manufactured?

All Blur India products are manufactured in Delhi, India. We use local ingredients and are a 100% Indian.

Q- How can I return the product?

Please refer to our product return page.

Disclaimer - The actual colour of product might have slight variance due to various factors such as screen brightness, saturation, lighting etc.