Collection: Bullet Lipsticks (Blursticks)

Blur India: Celebrate inclusivity with our BLURsticks

 BLURsticks have a creamy matte formula which keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized. These are a multipurpose product that can be used for your LIPS + CHEEKS + EYES. The BLURsticks are available in 5 shades with sassy and unique names that makes these products highly relatable. Get your own Bullet Matte Lipstick at best price!

Control Yourself Sweetie: It is a gorgeous nude lipstick with warm undertones that goes with all looks! It can also be used as a contour + eyeshadow stick. The name is there to remind you to control yourself and not get carried away.

Put Me On Your Lips…Not your Lying EX: A feisty red for when you’re feeling bold. It can also be used as a blus + eyeshadow stick. The name is a reminder for all the gworlies out there!

I’m Sorry Are You Vodka?: A muted rose pink that is perfect for a day out. It can also be used as a blus + eye shadow stick. After putting on this shade, you are compelled to ask yourself if you are intoxicated cause you look damn fine.

Ladies & Gentlemen…ME!: A cool tone nude brown colour for day AND night! It can also be used as a contour + eyeshadow stick. After wearing your shade, you can definitely be the centre of attention.

Reminder: Adopt, Don’t Shop!: A stunning plum shade with a name to remind all of you that there a lot of stray furr babies out there that needs a home. :)

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