Join Blur India Affiliate Program | Blur India Review

Hey boo! At Blur India, we're firm believers that beauty is for everyone. With our affiliate program, anyone can monetize their content, work from home and earn with Blur :)

Here's what you can expect:

🌟 Easily access your sales from BLUR INDIA Affiliate Dashboard to get real time reports.

🌟 Dive into our wide range of liquid lipsticks, glosses, and kajals to drive traffic to your site or social media.

🌟 Work hand-in-hand with our team of pros to maximise your earnings and elevate your affiliate game.

🌟 Get your content featured on Blur India's IG page :)

 Speaking of earnings, get ready to rake in the rewards! With Blur, you make a 10% commission & your customer will get an additional 10% discount using your code on the overall cart value. No maximum or minimum order value. Here's how:

Once you register, you will get a unique affiliate code which you can share with your friends, family and audience by posting Blur India Reviews.

Each successful order gets you 10% of the order value. The commission will be remitted to your account. (Payment options include bank/UPI/Paytm- just update your payment details on your affiliate dashboard ) and is remitted 1st week of every month.

Please Note: Your commission amount should be more than Rs 500 for redemption.



  1. What is the Blur Affiliate Program?

The Blur Campus Ambassador Program is your opportunity to earn rewards for spreading your love of Blur products! By promoting Blur and driving sales, you'll earn a commission for each product sold through your efforts. It's an incredible way to transform your passion for beauty into a rewarding opportunity!

  1. What happens if a customer returns a product I referred to?

If a customer returns a product you referred, your commission for that sale will be reversed. However, you can potentially negotiate your contract with Blur to avoid this situation, especially once you've shown consistent sales.

  1. Are there any costs involved in joining the program?

No, joining Blur’s Affiliate Program is completely free! 

  1. Can I promote any product or page on Blur India?

Yes, you can promote any product or page on Blur India to maximise your earnings.

  1. Is there a dashboard to track my performance?

Yes, the orders and traffic report dashboard provides real-time updates on your link performance. Blur India Review

  1. How do I receive my commission?

Your commission will be directly transferred to your bank account hassle-free. This will happen in the first week of every month. Your commission amount should be more than Rs 500 for redemption.

  1. How can I contact the Blur team for support?

You can reach out to our team for any assistance or questions to

  1. What is the payment cycle :
    The payments will be done by the first week of every month. Your commission amount should be more than Rs 500 for redemption.