About Blur India :)

Hey boo!
We make gorgeous makeup products with a hint of sass. 
The Formulas, the textures, the packaging- it's all done using inputs from our customers! Team Blur wants to create a beauty community like no other :) 
We're a team of makeup enthusiasts who want to give you products that you can use everyday (and look pretty on your shelf).
Each product has a unique name that has a story and thought process behind it, because we want you to smile during that little 30 minute window you get for getting ready everyday. These aren't just makeup products, these are conversation starters ;)

Why Blur?
Because it's time to switch to a makeup brand that understands you :) We've had enough of beauty brands telling us what 'beauty' looks like. The idea of 'ideal' beauty irks us. Makeup was not made to achieve perfection, it's an art. It's fun. It's therapeutic! Let's uncomplicate makeup.

Clean Beauty Is KEY.

We work hard to study each ingredient that goes in the products- the good and the bad. Our entire ingredient list can be found on our site and here.

We believe that the consumer should know what is going on their skin, and thus carefully select ingredients that love your skin.

Where do we make our products?

Right here, in India! We are a completely made in India brand and all our major manufacturing is done in DELHI.

Our products are 100% Vegan, Free Of Animal Cruelty, Free Of Harmful Chemicals.

Blur stands for:
  • ⚡Inclusivity
  • ⚡Clean beauty
  • ⚡Cruelty free beauty
  • ⚡Realistic beauty standards
  • ⚡Having fun with makeup :)
Our team can always be reached at contact@blurindia.com
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Beauty is inclusive and makeup is for everyone. Join the Blur India community on Instagram and talk to us about everything you love :)