5 Winter Makeup Looks To Welcome 2023 With Glam

5 Winter Makeup Looks To Welcome 2023 With Glam

Hey boo,

Wondering what makeup looks to go for this winter? Don't worry, Team Blur has your back!

Keep reading to find out our top picks for this season!

No Makeup Makeup Look
I don't know about you, but my skin and lips appear to be dreary and dry from the long stretch of November to March. Your new closest friends this colder time of year ought to be a decent lip balm and gloss and dependable cream highlighters. Pick hydrating formulas that will give your skin a brilliant sheen and a sound gleam — even amidst winter — rather than the super shimmery ones of bygone eras.

Glamour and Glamm!
Which occasion party could be finished without a little glam, you might inquire? Simply apply a thick eyeshadow glitter to your eyelashes to transform them into charming little party embellishments. Make your eyes the point of convergence of your face by keeping the remainder of it essential.

An Eruption Of Eyeshadow
Your makeup won't be leaking (read- no sweaty mess) during winters, so make it a point to explore different avenues regarding splendid, brilliant shades for your eyeshadow. From cut-creases to mosaics, go crazy on your eyelids!

Voila To Burgundy!
Making a rundown of winter beauty patterns and leaving out plum burgundy lipstick simply appears to be uncalled for. Basic: simply mess with several burgundy glossy lipstick colors and rich pencil tints to add aspect and upgrade the shape of your lips.

Graphic Liners All The Way!
You immediately turn into the trendiest person on the block by essentially defining a couple of sharp lines on your eyes with either a pencil or fluid eyeliner. To truly make your outfit stand out, consider a lively shade like plum or brown shade and stand out from the boring black eyeliner crowd!

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