All About Liquid Eyeshadows: Why Are They Better Than Regular Eyeshadows?

All About Liquid Eyeshadows: Why Are They Better Than Regular Eyeshadows?

With celebrities often getting their makeup done by the best makeup artists, it can feel like you'll never be able to copy them. But there is a tool out there that will do it for you! Liquid eyeshadows have been around for over a decade, but with technology has come an entire apparatus featuring other methods for applying and carrying liquid eyeshadow and glitter. In this blog post you'll find out about all the benefits of switching your regular eyeshadow to liquid tears of bliss!

What Are Liquid Eyeshadows?

Liquid eyeshadows offer a lot of advantages over traditional eyeshadows. They are easier to apply, last longer, and provide vibrant colors that look really good on everyone. Some people also find that they are less messy than regular eyeshadows due to their liquid form. One downside is that they often cost more than regular eyeshadows, but they are definitely worth the extra investment!

Types of Liquid Eyeshadows

Liquid Eyeshadows are quickly becoming one of the most popular makeup trends. They offer a unique and Innovative way to apply your makeup, with the added bonus of being able to create a variety of different looks.

There are three main types of Liquid Eyeshadow: Mousse, Cream and Liquid Liner. 

Mousse Eyeshadows are the simplest type and are created by incorporating anhydrous alcohol into a base liquid formulation. They are generally lightweight and easy to blend, but can be very sheer if used dry. If you want more color payoff, you can either wet your brush before applying or use a wet/dry blending technique to create more depth and definition. 

Cream Eyeshadows are made by combining cornstarch with anhydrous alcohol. The resulting mixture is thickened due to the starch, which gives it more hold and a longer wear time than mousse eyeshadows. However, because it is thicker, it may be more difficult to apply evenly unless you use a damp brush or sponge. Cream shadows also tend to be darker in color than mousse shadows, as the pigment is deeper down in the formula. 

Liquid Liner Eyeshadows come in two main varieties: Pencil and Soft Lip Lacquer. Pencil liners contain stiffened pigments that can be blended like regular pencils while Soft Lip Lacquer liners are softer and slightly Vinyl-Free (meaning they don't move around once applied

Why are liquid eyeshadows better than regular eyeshadows?

Liquid eyeshadows offer a variety of benefits that make them better than regular eyeshadows. Here are some of the reasons why you should switch to liquid shadows:

  1. They Are More Versatile

Liquid eyeshadows can be used on any surface, including the eyelids. This makes them perfect for creating blended contours and dramatic looks.

  1. They Are Easier to Work With Than Regular Eyeshadows

Liquid eyeshadows are easy to apply and blend, which makes them perfect for beginners. Additionally, they do not require a primer or base, which makes them convenient to travel with.

  1. They Last Longer Than Regular Eyeshadows

Because liquid eyeshadows stay on longer than regular shadows, you will️ have more time to create a seamless look. Additionally, they do not fade or crease like regular eye makeup does over time.

Wearing liquid eyeshadows is a popular trend right now and there are a number of reasons why they are better than regular eyeshadows. Liquid eyeshadows last longer, are easier to apply, and look more natural on the eye. They can also be blended more easily than regular eyeshadows which makes them the perfect choice for everyday wear.

When you wear liquid eyeshadows, the makeup goes on smoothly and evenly, which gives your eye an overall polished look. They also always look fabulous when paired with a strong eyeliner or other make up for a dramatic effect. If you're looking to try out liquid eyeshadow but are unsure how to go about it, this blog is there for the rescue!

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