Most people believe one only have to take care of their chapped lips in winter but it is not the case. It is because India experiences dry summer heat which results in parched lips, irritation, sunburn or redness. The skin of your lips is the thinnest and the most sensitive, it can result in visibly chapped lips, if not cared for them. So, here we are sharing some tips to care for your lips.



  • Keep Hydrated: First and foremost is keep hydrated throughout the day. Drink minimum 4 liters of water to your body hydrated, which will help keep your skin and lips hydrated too.



  • SPF Lipbalm: Use lipbalms with SPF of 30 or more. While protecting our face, we always forget to care for our lips. If not protected, sun exposure can cause irritation and dryness in the lips



  • Switch to hydrating products: Switch to pigmented glosses which will keep your lips hydrated and also add colour to your lips or if you’re a fan of liquid lipsticks, you can go for our hydrating and stay-proof Call Me Daddy liquid lipsticks. 


  • Stop picking/licking lips: As satisfying and convenient it seems, licking dry lips or picking the chapped skin will result in irritation and even more dry lips. Although it seems to work for the moment, in the long run, it is not in any sort beneficial.
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