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Liquid Blush 101: Dos and don'ts for liquid blushes!

By :Team Blur 0 comments
Liquid Blush 101: Dos and don'ts for liquid blushes!
Hey boo,
Let's talk about liquid blushes! If you think liquid blushes don’t look good on you, you might be using them incorrectly :(
While we love liquid blushes, the liquid formula can demolish your base cosmetics and make you look patchy rather than a sun-kissed goddess.
You can't go applying liquid blush like a customary powder one; that is a huge mistake. These formulas give a dewy, lit-from-within flush that’s too good to pass up. 
This rundown of dos and don’ts will tell you exactly how to rock this luxe makeup item.
Don’t Apply It Directly On Your Face
It makes it difficult for you to blend the blush properly.If you apply it directly, not only will it look patchy but it will also look unnatural and it could ruin the rest of your makeup. It will be difficult to judge how much product you used and how the results will look.
Don’t Apply It After Setting Powder
If you apply liquid blush after setting powder or any powder formula for that matter, it will ruin the smoothness of your makeup. The powder formula mixed with liquid blush will cause cracking and peeling of your makeup. You will notice the texture get disrupted and it will instantly turn you off.
Don’t Dot And Brush
When you dot the blush on your cheeks and then use a brush to blend, it gives an uneven application that is messy and can ruin the rest of your makeup. The brush strokes become more visible in certain places as the product is unevenly applied.
Apply It On Makeup-Free Skin
Liquid blushes can be use for a soft sprinkle of pigment on your bare skin. The finish is so natural that it can be used on your bare skin that is prepped with skincare. When you are applying liquid blush without any other base makeup on, you can go ahead and apply it directly without a worry as this way there aren’t layers of makeup that you can mess up with direct application.
Mix It On Your Hand First
The right method for applying liquid blush is to initially placed a few drops on the back of your hand first and afterward gently swipe it on your hand to warm it up a little and structure a thick even layer. Presently, swipe your brush on this layer to get the shade and afterward mix it on your cheeks. This takes into consideration even application and no sketchiness or item wastage.
Apply It Before Powder Formulas
If you want a smooth base, apply liquid blush after primer, liquid foundation, and concealer. Usually, you set the base with setting powder first and then move on to apply powder blush. But, for liquid blushes, you make the blush a part of your base makeup and then use a setting powder over the liquid blush to set it in place.
Still curious? Want to learn more or have makeup queries? Write to our team and we will help you asap :)

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