Liquid Lipsticks 101: Your complete guide to liquid lipsticks!

Liquid Lipsticks 101: Your complete guide to liquid lipsticks!

Hey boo,
Let's talk about liquid lipsticks, shall we? They're definitely the top pick for makeup lovers everywhere when it comes to a fun day out where you don't want to be bothered about re-applying your lipstick again and again. As always, we are here to help. We're listing out some best practices to make sure you make the most of your CALL ME DADDY liquid lipstick (we know they're your fav).
Always make sure you use a lib scrub to prep your lips before liquid lipstick application. This will make sure there is no dry/dead skin on your lips!


2. Moisturize, like twice.
Lip balms are your best friends. Even if the liquid lipstick is moisturizing, you need to moisturize your lips before any matte lipstick. Period.


3. Avoid layering.
One swipe is enough when it comes to liquid lipsticks. Layering your liquid lipsticks will make them look cakey.


4. Avoid pressing your lips.
Pressing your lips together while wearing matte lipsticks will create creases on your lips.


5.Setting spray.
Use setting spray generously to make sure your liquid lipstick lasts all day long!
Hope this helps! For all your makeup queries/doubts/suggestions, feel free to reach out to our team and our team will help you asap :)


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