Nude Lipsticks: 5 Shades That Are Perfect For Everyday Makeup Looks

Nude Lipsticks: 5 Shades That Are Perfect For Everyday Makeup Looks

Love wearing makeup every day? Hate having to spend hours perfecting your look? Check out these nude lip shades that will help you achieve everyday makeup looks with ease. From natural tones to darker colors, these shades are perfect for all skin types!

5 Nude Lip Shades

There are so many nude lip shades that it's hard to pick just one! From soft, peachy shades to cool, metallic pinks, these lacquered beauties can be used for any everyday makeup look. And they're perfect for when you want to go without any extra steps or layers.

Here are five nude lip shades that will help you elevate any look:

1) Worn as a base color with other neutrals or light lenses: Call me daddy from blur in the shade nude beige is a soft peach shade that works well as a base for other neutrals and light lenses such as Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector SP in Light Beige. It's also great for everyday looks since it doesn't contain shimmer or sparkle.

2) Add warmth to cool tones: Call me daddy in the shade nude pink is a warm-toned pink that can be used to add some warmth to cool shades like Marc Jacobs Beauty The Natural Lipstick in Tokyo Brown. This lipstick is relatively matte so it won't amp up the shine on top of your lips too much.

3) Layer over other nude lipstick shades: Too Faced Bonne Bell Lipstick in Baby Love or call me daddy lipstick from blur in the shade nude brown is perfect when you want to layer over other nude lipstick shades but still want something subtle and pretty. It has an orange-y hue so it will stand out against darker lip colors but won't be too overpowering.

How to Wear Them?

There are a few steps to follow when wearing nude lip shades. First, select the perfect shade that is tailored to your skin tone and features. Second, apply your usual lipstick or gloss over the top of the nude lip shade for a polished look. And finally, finish off your makeup with a touch of blush or bronzer for extra color.

Tips for Neutralizing Shine

There’s something about a natural lip color that always looks polished and chic. The best way to achieve this look is by wearing nude shades throughout your day. Some of our favorite neutrals for everyday makeup include Macpherson, Beige, Windsor, and Peach. For an extra hint of shimmer, try adding a light sheen to your lips with a gloss or balm. And finally, if you feel like your pucker is taking a beating from the sun, keep a lip balm in your bag for quick touch-ups midway through the day.

What to Do If Your Lips Are Too Dry or Flat?

If you're experiencing dry or flat lips, there are a few things you can do to remedy the situation. First, make sure to hydrate your lips daily by applying a lip balm or gloss. Second, try out nude shades for everyday makeup looks. This way, you can create an all-natural look without having to use any additional lipsticks or shadows. Lastly, if your lips are still not feeling their best after following these tips, speak with your doctor about possible treatments.

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