Since when did MAKEUP become so COMPLICATED - A rant

Since when did MAKEUP become so COMPLICATED - A rant

Hey boo,

In today's blog we wanted to talk about how social media (in partnership with the beauty industry) has turned makeup into a complicated mathematical equation- full of strict rules and "correct ways" to execute your makeup.

Let's start off by saying, makeup is an ART. There is no right way to contour, blush or apply eyeshadow. There is no golden technique that everyone is supposed to follow!

A thich liner and super rosy blush is considered a NO NO in 2023- the era of of clean girl makeup. The same look was considered super chic in the 70s. Super Pigmented eyeshadows were a rage in the early 2000s and we're seeing them make a comeback in 2023. Liquid Lipsticks from 2017 are being replaced by lip glosses and lip butters (the same thing happened in the 90s BTW).

The point is, fads come and go, but fads or 'makeup gurus' don't dictate what yoy can/can't do with your makeup. If you love rosy cheeks, DITCH the clean girl look and go for super red cheeks because that's what makes you, YOU!

Consider our Lip Gloss for example-

We've put a twist in the classic gloss formula and made it super pigmented, flouting the unspoken rule about glosses and how they are supposed to give a light tint. Nah, we took the road less travelled and made glosses that are not only pigmented, but also leave a subtle tint of your lips, which makes them the best blush and eye-shadow too! 

While this is a bit hard to digest for OG Gloss enthusiasts, we wouldn't have it any other way. These unsaid rules of how a product should used, how MUCH of the product should be used-- they're all baseless. Makeup does not come with a set of rules, do whatever makes you feel pretty, and that is more than enough.


Team Blur

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