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Transparent eyeliner: Here's what you need to know!

By :Team Blur 0 comments
Transparent eyeliner: Here's what you need to know!

Hey boo,

We're back with another blog and this time we'll be talking about the lastest viral trend: Transparent eyeliner!

No makeup look is complete without eyeliner. But not all of us have a fun time applying it. Thankfully, there are countless cool ways to wear liner that don't take 5 years and 39 mental breakdowns

Transparent eyeliner is the minimalist makeup trend we never knew we needed. The trend began when beauty creator May Akhtar posted a video creating transparent eyeliner using just concealer and some setting powder. She created an optical illusion using these products that resulted in the transparent eyeliner trend being born.

How to:

The way it works is that the concealer is applied with an angled brush but instead of applying it like regular eyeliner, you create triangles or shapes around your eyes with the concealer and blend it outwards so that the insides of these shapes is your natural skin tone. This creates that transparent eyeliner effect that won’t smudge or give you panda eyes. It is basically your natural skin tone that becomes the eyeliner as the concealer just accentuates it.

It’s achieved with concealer—using a slanted brush to apply it just like eyeliner, and then blending out the edges. You’re left with a “transparent” effect, since the brush leaves sharp lines that look invisible blended out, creating a frame for your bare skin.

Our verdict:

10/10 for day looks. The look is simple but effective, and almost like an optical illusion. It’s basically a spotlight for your eyes. 

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