Transparent Eyeliner Trend!

Transparent Eyeliner Trend!

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We're back with another blog and this time we'll discuss the lastest viral trend: Transparent eyeliner!

No makeup look is finished without eyeliner. Yet, not we all have a great time applying it. Fortunately, there are endless cool ways of wearing liner that don't require 5 years and 39 psychological episodes.

Transparent eyeliner is the moderate makeup pattern we never realized we wanted. The pattern started when magnificence maker May Akhtar posted a video making transparent eyeliner utilizing just concealer and some setting powder. She made an optical deception utilizing these items that brought about the transparent eyeliner pattern being conceived.

How to:

The manner in which it works is that the concealer is applied with a calculated brush yet rather than applying it like customary eyeliner, you make triangles or shapes around your eyes with the concealer and mix it outwards so the internal parts of these shapes is your normal complexion. This makes that transparent eyeliner impact that won't smear or give you panda eyes. It is fundamentally your normal complexion that turns into the eyeliner as the concealer simply emphasizes it.

It's accomplished with concealer — utilizing a skewed brush to apply it very much like eyeliner, and afterward mixing out the edges. You're left with a "transparent" impact, since the brush leaves sharp lines that look undetectable mixed out, making an edge for your uncovered skin.

Our decision:

10/10 for day looks. The look is basic yet successful, and practically like an optical deception. It's fundamentally a spotlight for your eyes.

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