Blur India Lipsticks with customer reviews: Making waves in the Indian market.

Some of our favorite Blur India reviews:


“Yo, this Blur India Lipstick is legit! The colors are dope, and it goes on super smooth. Plus, it stays put all day, even through my coffee runs and lunch dates. Definitely gonna grab more shades from Blur India

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The hype is real—I love the shades. It's so good, and the best thing is I got it for just Rs 599.

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“The color is sooo cute, and it makes my lips look plump and juicy. Plus, it smells like candy, which is a major bonus!”

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“Dude don’t touch my gloss is super shiny and feels so smooth on my lips. I’ve been wearing shade chocolate brown every day, and I always get compliments. Definitely a must-have in my makeup bag!”

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